A film by Clifford Miu.


A short film by Clifford Miu


Samantha Bilinkas
Barrett Martin
Marian Edminston

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Alone with her infant child on New Years Eve, Nora, a single mother, discovers that there is a man outside her trailer home with the ill intention of entering her home uninvited. Shocked, Nora arms herself with her deceased husband’s 12-gauge shotgun and proceeds to call 911. Nora finds herself asking the 911 operator for permission to shoot the intruder when he enters her home, only to be told that Nora must do whatever she feels right in order to protect her child. By the end of the night, Nora is forced to make a fateful decision in order to protect her child.



A few years back I had stumbled upon a news headline about a young, newly widowed mother who received permission from a 911 operator before she shot and killed an intruder on New Years Eve. That story along with my love for female characters inspired me to write “Porcupine,” which was always intended to be a thriller that reflects on some of the issues that are present in our society today. It is my hope that my film Porcupine will resonate with audiences and paint an intriguing portrait of a brave single mother determined to protect her infant child from intruders.


Writer | Director Clifford Miu



10 Min | Color | Digital | 2:1 | Stereo | 23.98 fps | English



Live Action Short, Narrative, Drama, Thriller, Student Film



"After working with renowned filmmaker Martin Scorsese, Clifford Miu is making his directorial debut with "Porcupine" - IndieWire